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Research Tips

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There are four main elements required in conducting effective research. Knowing what you are looking for, knowing how to look for it, knowing where to look for it and finally knowing what to do with the research information once you have found it.

What To Look For

Before proceeding with any research in Employment rights it is essential to identify the key issues or questions you want answered. This can best be accomplished by first taking the time to right down the facts and circumstances of your situation. Keep in mind the who, what, where, how and when as this will provide you with the necessary focus for your research.

How To Look For It

Good research on employment rights is based on establishing a sound methodology. Preparation for research starts by identifying three or four key words or phrases. Keeping a log helps to ensure the research remains focused and is the lifeline back from the inevitable dead ends that will be encountered. The Best Guide to Canadian Legal Research provides excellent guidance on developing effective research techniques.

Where To Look

Once you have been able to formulate the key issues it is time to start searching for the relevant law or government statutes. For the most part you will likely want to be searching Employment or Labour Standards legislation and the corresponding regulations. All the provincial jurisdictions provide websites where information on employment rights can be found. In addition we have provided research papers on a number of employment rights such as hours of work, leave of absence including maternity and parental leaves, overtime, termination of employment, vacations and work breaks as we found these are some of the most popular areas requiring information. For convenience we have included a directory to the appropriate legislation with each research paper. You can also visit our Resources by Province or Resources by Internet pages where you will find one of the most comprehensive lists of employment rights resources on the internet.

What To Do With It

Reading employment rights legislation can be frustrating. Often a section will refer to another subsection so it is important to take the time to read all of the section and subsections. Even then it can be difficult to understand. We suggest you print a copy and take a highlighter or pen to mark the relevant keywords, sentences or paragraphs. Carefully read each section and don't worry if it is difficult to understand at first. For most of the common questions regarding employment rights governments provide information papers to help understand the legislation. With perseverance you will be able to obtain a better understanding of your employment rights.

Need Help?

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